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About Me

   My name is Norino, and I am a professional country music producer and songwriter who specializes in assisting independent and emerging artists in identifying their unique voice and creating authentic music that showcases their talent and passion.

     My formal musical education began at the age of 8, where I received classical training at a primary music school. Recently, I finished my studies at the BIMM Institute BA (Hons), Songwriting course in Manchester, UK. This has equipped me with musical theory knowledge and skills in playing multiple instruments. I have also been performing live for over 15 years as a singer and instrumentalist.

        I specialize in the country genre, with over 7 years of experience in producing. It is a music genre that I am personally passionate about and enjoy listening to and creating in my free time.

  My services encompass the entire music-making process, ranging from songwriting and arranging to mixing and mastering. Moreover, I provide guidance on marketing and promotion, as well as building your fanbase. My aim is to help artists gain clarity on their desired path and generate a viable plan to achieve their goals.