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Helping you bring your vision to life by crafting authentic lyrics and memorable melodies that capture the essence of country music.

Whether you’ve already started writing a song or are just beginning the creative process, songwriting covers both lyrics and vocal melody writing, as well as chords. Working closely with you helps with understanding your style and preferences to ensure that the final product is tailored to your unique vision.



Production service includes recording of instruments and arranging, which are designed to help you achieve the professional sound you are looking for.

The latest recording equipment and techniques are used to capture the unique sounds and nuances of instruments such as acoustic guitar, pedal steel, fiddle, mandolin, or banjo. This service is perfect for artists who wish to have their written songs fully recorded, arranged, and produced. The instrumental and arranging choices are made in agreement with you to suit your particular project and ensure that the final product meets your specifications.

Country Producer Norino Mixing and Mastering



Mixing and mastering service is designed to help you achieve the perfect and polished sound.

Within the mixing service, the individual tracks of the recorded music are blended together to create a cohesive and balanced final mix. This includes adjusting levels, panning, and EQ, as well as adding effects and processing to enhance the overall sound. The process also includes vocal editing, tuning, and time aligning.

Mastering prepares the final mix for distribution, ensuring that it translates great across all playback systems and is ready for release.